I've written over 150 different arrangements in a variety of styles for ensembles ranging from jazz combos to big band... and chamber groups to full symphony orchestra. 

  • Show Bands & Pit Orchestras

  • Jazz Combos to Big Band

  • Classical Ensembles of any configuration 

  • Concert Band / Wind Ensemble

  • Symphony Orchestra

  • Choir

What you can expect by working with me...

  • A high level of professionalism and good vibes from beginning to end. 

  • A high-quality, listenable and playable arrangement written exactly to your specifications.

  • A functional arrangement that works, written for the appropriate level of the musicians in your ensemble. 

  • A computer-engraved score and set of parts with minimal, if any, errors. 

  • Hollywood standards of music preparation, which makes the parts as readable as possible. 

Featured arrangements in my catalog:


Chances are, I've already written an arrangement similar in style and/or configuration of what you have in mind. Contact me for sample scores and references. ​