Commissioning a Custom Song

Attn: Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Trainers, Non-Profits, or anyone with a powerful message to share...

Imagine having a custom-written song that powerfully and perfectly communicates your message...

With composer, arranger, and songwriter J. Aaron Stanley, you will have a custom song that inspires and motivates your audience with the power of great music.

For example, I wrote the following song based on the teachings of sales trainer, Eric Lofholm:

Song: "Rockstar Sales Superstar"

  • Based on the sales training of Eric Lofholm, using many of his most popular phrases, combined with a bit of creativity and fun!
  • Rockstar Sales Superstar

Song: "Winds of Change" (coming soon.)

  • A song of victory and triumph from my project "Songs of Faith, Victory, & Abundance."

Song: "Keep A-Goin'" (coming soon.)

  • A musical setting of the classic inspirational poem. More songs coming soon from my project "Songs of Faith, Victory, & Abundance."

Other Songs:

  • My one-act operetta, Waiting Room, includes a number of songs, most notably "Take Me Back" (8:50 in video), "Nature of Men" (14:08 in the video), and "One More For the Road," a.k.a. "Alcoholic's Waltz" (18:50 in the video), which is the climax of the work and brings together all previous songs. I wrote the music, but not the lyrics to this work.

Why J. Aaron Stanley?

  • First, as a former professional copywriter, I am very sensitive to the power of words and the unique emotion each word conveys. At the same time, as a classically trained composer, I am keenly aware of the power of music to instantly change one's emotional state. The two together can be an unstoppable force for breaking down walls, raising vibrations, and effecting positive change. 

  • I am not your typical singer-songwriter. (I'm actually not a singer, and you probably don't want to hear me sing!) I am a composer, arranger, instrumentalist, and producer, capable of composing in a wide variety of styles for any ensemble. Rock, pop, country, blues, jazz, even classical. If you have the budget for it and want to go all-out, I can arrange for a full symphony orchestra to back your song! 

  • As a professional trumpet player, I am in love with winds and brass, and all classical instruments. I very much enjoy the extra color and next-level energy they can bring to a song. Did you catch the rockin' horn section in "Rockstar Sales Superstar?" As part of my signature style, your song, too, will feature winds, brass, and/or strings. 

  • I see lyric-writing as an art form in itself, and I strive for the highest level of artistry in crafting lyrics that are catchy, intelligent, meaningful, and perfectly blended with the rhythm of the melody. 

  • Finally, my style is unique. I come from a different musical background than most songwriters, which gives me a different perspective. If you love "Rockstar Sales Superstar," and the other examples of my work, you're going to love the work I do for you! 

How It Works

Once you schedule a FREE Custom Song Consultation, here's what you can expect...

Initial Consultation (No Obligation)

We will talk over the phone or Zoom to discuss what kind of theme, content, feel, and emotion you want to convey, what musical styles you prefer, as well as how you might use the song.

Agreement & Time Frame

When you decide to move forward, I will give you a time-frame for composing the song and delivering a demo. (Due to other commitments, and a desire to deliver superb quality, this may take some time––on the order of weeks to months. If you're in a hurry, "Rush Service" is available for an extra fee.)

Demo Recording

I will compose the song, and record a simple demo of just voice and piano (or guitar), or a sequenced track.

Tweaking the Song & Lyrics

You will have the opportunity to listen to the demo, digest it, and decide how much you love the song! If there are any lyrical details or stylistic elements you'd like changed, you will have the opportunity to communicate that. I will provide up to two rounds of revisions free of charge.


Once you decide you absolutely love the song, I will move forward with professionally recording, mixing, and mastering it.


Once the mixing and mastering is finished, I will send you an MP3 file and a PDF of the song lyrics. You can even choose to order the framed, autographed lyrics / lead sheet on parchment paper, or a custom music-industry song plaque with engraved lyrics and CD!

Public Performance (Optional)

Finally, if you'd like to debut the song live in a public or private event, I will arrange for professional musicians to present the song. Depending on your budget (this is a separate cost), it can be as simple as a singer and guitar/piano player, or a complete band. If desired, I can even be there personally to introduce the song and talk about it.

Custom Song Package Includes...

All necessary consulting and research time.

Composition of music and lyrics.

Recorded demo with up to two rounds of revisions.

Professional production of the final song (with added strings, winds, or brass as part of my signature style).

A copy of the MP3 and WAV file of the recording.

A copy of the lyrics in PDF format.

Written agreements to use the song as you like, short of reselling it, granting rights to another party, or for use in broadcast commercials or commercial films, which require separate licensing.

Price for Custom Song Package: $4997, or 6 monthly payments of $997/mo.

Optional Upgrades Include...

Custom music industry song plaque with engraved lyrics and CD to hang on your wall. (Photo coming soon.) $497

Autographed and framed lyric sheet on parchment paper. (Photo coming soon.) $247

Autographed and framed lead sheet (sheet music) on parchment paper. (Photo coming soon.) $247

Custom video production: have a custom video made with your images and videos synchronized to your custom song. $797

Synchronization licenses for a broadcast commercial or use in a commercial film project. (Negotiated.)

Complete buyout of all song rights, including the right to resell the song, grant rights to third parties, and collect royalties. (Negotiated.)

Live performance of the song: hire professional musicians to perform the song live. (Price varies.)

What You Can Expect By Working With Me

  1. Professionalism and “good vibes” from beginning to end. I’m a big believer in karma, so I try to maintain positive, healthy relationships with everyone I meet. 

  2. Communication. Progress on the work probably won't be "linear." I usually have several projects going on, and I work on each as inspiration hits. Days or weeks may go by with little to report on, then there will be a sudden explosion of progress. I'll keep you informed of the state of the work.
  3. Commissions completed on time. If there is a hard deadline, I will do whatever it takes to meet it. If I don’t think I can meet your deadline, I will tell you before we even sign the agreement. 
  4. High artistic standards. It is a matter of personal pride to do my absolute best on every composition, and to treat each work as if it were going to be my best work yet. 

Want to see your message encapsulated in song? Let's talk about it!

Please fill out the form below, and within a couple of days, I will be in touch with you to set up a time to talk...