Deep Space Voyage

for Young Band

2020, rev. 2021

Grade c. 1.5

Duration: 2.5m

  • Deep Space Voyage - Flow 1
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What strikes me most about deep space is its unending vastness. To ponder space is to ponder the infinite. It's both awe-inspiring and unsettling. It also strikes me as incredibly lonely. Imagine floating in the vast quiet emptiness of black space with only distant pinpricks of light to keep you company.

Deep Space Voyage is my first original composition for young band. The challenge of composing with such tight restrictions has given me greater respect for composers who are able to write something fresh, interesting, and fun for young musicians. I've tried my best to capture both the quiet loneliness of space, as well as its epic grandness of scale in a way that is appropriate for young musicians.

Although I had my own imagery in mind to serve as inspiration for composing, it isn't programmatic. Students can have fun creating their own imagery and storylines as their own personal reaction to the music. The piece has a very cinematic feel to it, which I believe will help keep students interested in the piece and in mastering the techniques required to perform it successfully.