Deep Space Voyage

for Young Band

Duration: 2.5m / Grade 1+

This cinematically-inspired piece conjures images of the vastness of deep space, of star-creating nebulae, and of traveling through it on an epic voyage in a giant spaceship. It is sure to inspire the imagination of young musicians, while presenting new musical challenges to master. It moves beyond the strict diatonicism commonly found in Grade 1 band material, while maintaining playability for musicians at the Grade 1+ level.

This is my first foray into writing educational band music, and I approached it by giving myself the following challenge: how much artistic integrity and craft can I express within such tight guidelines? I found it to be an interesting and fun–as well as educational!–compositional challenge, and I am indebted to the experienced band directors who gave me feedback as I was massaging the piece to fit within Grade 1 guidelines.     ​ 

"Deep Space Voyage" for Young Band - J. Aaron Stanley

PDF score for perusal purposes only. A complete list of parts provided appears in the score. Sale is for digital copies of the score and parts. 

Digital Score & Set of Parts

(formatted for 8.5 X 11) - $45.00 U.S.