Fanfare for the Big Game, Op. 6b

for Concert Band (,, T+3)

Opus 6b, 2010, rev. 2021

Grade 4

Duration: 3m

To be recorded by John Zastoupil and the Missouri State University Wind Ensemble

  • Fanfare for the Big Game -MB- - Fanfare for the Big Game
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The anticipation is palpable as the crowded stadium eagerly awaits the big game. Friendly wagers are made. Drinks are in hand. Snacks are being devoured.

Then, as the marching band begins their final fanfare, the teams emerge from their locker rooms and begin lining up on opposite sides of the field.

The crowd roars. The athletes prepare themselves mentally while sizing each other up from across the field.

The band plays on. The anticipation builds.

Finally, as the band suddenly picks up tempo, the athletes move onto the field as the band begins to move off.

The teams face one another. The referee tosses the coin. The first play is but seconds away as the band plays the final note of its anticipatory fanfare.

Let the game begin!

Fanfare for the Big Game is an early work of mine, written originally for Brass Band around 2005 or so. Later, around 2010 I adapted it for Concert Band, which is like adding Technicolor! But there were some issues I later felt needed addressing, including an introduction that dragged on for too long, and an orchestration that, at times, was harder than it needed to be. The 2021 revision shortened the Intro, made some other minor changes here and there, retouched the orchestration, and completely re-engraved the work in Dorico.

I believe the piece fulfills its intention as an anticipatory fanfare, full of excitement, energy, and big climaxes. A Marching Band version also exists.