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As a composer, I'm very versatile and capable of composing in a wide variety of styles. My specialty, however, is classical/orchestral and hybrid (orchestral-electronic) because that is what I'm most passionate about. I also have extensive experience arranging for jazz ensembles and performing as a jazz musician, which makes jazz a natural idiom for me, as well. 


During my time in Los Angeles, I scored a few short independent films, and excerpts from some of those projects appear below, along with an excerpt from my orchestral piece, "Heroes & Villains."  (See my IMDb page. Not all projects are represented there.)

What you can expect from working with me...

  • Professionalism and good vibes from beginning to end. I’m a big believer in karma, so I do my best to cultivate positive and professional relationships with everyone I meet. 

  • A partner who wants to help you realize YOUR vision. When composing for film, I fully appreciate the fact that I’m serving the needs of the film and the director’s vision—not my own ego. 

  • On-time delivery of a high-quality, professional product. For me, it’s a matter of personal pride to do my absolute best on every project. 



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"Working with Aaron was a fantastic experience, and his original score elevated our film to the next level! We were looking for something specific, and he was able to exceed our expectations in a short amount of time. He is incredibly talented and knew exactly the type of music/mood we were looking for."

Reyna Calvillo / Director, Malice

"Aaron was a blast to work with! He listened very well to my direction for the style, emotion, and tone on the score of LoveStruck. He also brought great ideas to the project that I didn't even think about."

Jayson Wall / Director, LoveStruck

"The working relationship with Aaron was very effective and promoted synergy. He paid attention to comments and provided valuable input while being watchful of deadlines. Aaron has a warm personality and a let's-do-it attitude that certainly is valuable during stressful projects. His talent and attention to details is evident on the final product. The music served the story well and helps to enhance the mood of the film."

Henry Corzo / Director, Seminarista