Heroes & Villains

for Wind Ensemble

Duration: 8m / Grade 5

Imagine your favorite superheroes battling it out with your favorite super villains! Heroes & Villains evokes the imagination with its cinematic style and flair. It is loads of fun to play and listen to, while also being a serious concert work.


Heroes & Villains took a long and winding road to get to where it is today. Much of the material in this work was originally composed in 1999-2000 and premiered by the Missouri State University Symphony Orchestra in 2000 under the uninspiring name of "Orchestral Sketch #1." Later, in 2010, I revised the piece and adapted it for Wind Ensemble, giving it the name "Heroes & Villains." That version won a couple of minor competitions that each resulted in a public performance...

  • 2010 Penfield Music Commission Project Composition Contest. Performed by the Penfield High School Wind Ensemble in Rochester, NY that same year. 

  • 2011 Cal-State Bakersfield Composition Competition. Performed by the Cal-State Bakersfield community concert band in Bakersfield, CA that same year. 

In 2019, after the piece had laid dormant for a while, I significantly revised it again to fix a few problems (as I saw it) and to incorporate a theme I wrote for a short student film I had the pleasure of scoring back in 2011, called "Malice," about a 12-year-old girl who aspires to be a super-villain. (This is the opening theme of the piece.)

This 2019 revision is, by far, the best version yet, and my hope is that musicians and audiences alike will greatly enjoy it.


**Note: I am still making final edits and preparing parts for the performance-ready version, but I am posting a perusal score for the time being for the purposes of potential programming for next academic year. The final score and set of parts will be ready in a matter of weeks.

"Heroes & Villains" for Wind Ensemble (Demo) - J. Aaron Stanley

Parts are available for rental at $250 for the first performance, plus $100 each additional performance. Contact me to arrange payment. 

Printed & Bound 11X17 Conductor's Score: $70