Huapango de los Muertos

for Trombone and String Quartet

Commissioned by Dr. William Haugeberg. Premiered July 12, 2019 at the International Trombone Festival, Muncie, IN.

Duration: 6m / Completed 2019


Huapango de los Muertos is inspired by the traditional dance and music of Mexico known as huapango, as well as the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. 


Traditional huapango rhythms are combined with more contemporary jazz harmonies, along with the dissonant interplay of major vs. minor in the melodic material. Later, extended string techniques are used to evoke the image of dancing skeletons. 


Huapango de los Muertos is a fun and exciting piece that is a reflection of Mexican culture, and informed by the five years I spent living in Mexico. When Dr. Haugeberg, one of the trombone professors at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley, contacted me about commissioning a piece for him with string quartet, I wanted to write a piece that reflected the Mexican heritage along the border, as well as my experiences living in Mexico. The Disney movie, Coco, was also fresh on my mind, having watched it in Spanish in Mexico, where it was a huge hit. The film helped regenerate interest in Mexico's cultural heritage among younger generations. 

*Score and audio coming soon.

RENTAL of Score & Complete Set of Parts:

$50 per performance