Composition/Arranging Lessons

If you would like to expand your skills as a composer and arranger, I am currently accepting a limited number of private students. It doesn't matter your level of experience... only your level of commitment to improvement.

Lessons may focus on any of the following areas...

  • Thinking artistically, and gaining a clarity of vision regarding your composition.
  • Nurturing creativity.
  • Focused attention on craft: details of notation, orchestration, score and part preparation, voicing, and more.
  • An exploration of different approaches to composition (if needed and desired).
  • Tutoring in music theory and harmony (if needed and desired).
  • Instrumentation & orchestration.
  • Counterpoint (when there are 2 or more independent lines).

Lessons are $25 per 25m lesson or $50 per 50m lesson. They can be either in-person at my studio in Lewisville, TX, or via Zoom. Contact me at to get started.

Trumpet Lessons

This section is here primarily for my existing trumpet students. The focus of my teaching is on...
  • Committing to improvement: setting goals and a plan to achieve them.
  • Consistency in practice.
  • Developing a routine that eliminates "bad days."
  • Isolating fundamentals in order to gain improvements in overall playing.
  • Specific exercises to improve efficiency, endurance, upper register, and tone.
  • Musical interpretation: articulation, dynamic control, phrasing, etc.
  • Developing the right mindset for success with the trumpet.
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My Teaching Philosophy

The older I get, the more I feel a desire and sense of duty to pass on my accumulated knowledge and wisdom to a new generation. That knowledge and wisdom is not only in the field of music, but about life, and the progressive attainment of mastery over the mind and emotions. (A process that never ends, like learning an instrument. The more you practice, and practice in the right way, the more mastery you attain.)

Success is holistic. It’s not just about money or refined skills. That’s part of it. More importantly, it’s about living a full and vibrant life filled with purpose, meaningful relationships, and the recognition of the power of your mind to achieve whatever you dare dream. This requires a certain level of mastery over the mind and emotions.

It took me years to learn basic success concepts like dreaming big, setting goals, developing a plan to achieve them, taking action on a daily basis, having faith, thinking positive thoughts, and guarding the mind against negativity and the negative emotions that stem from it. If you want a powerful introduction to the importance of being the conductor of your own mind, I highly recommend the classic 35-minute speech by Earl Nightingale called “The Strangest Secret,” recorded in 1957. 

How I wish I’d had a mentor at a young age that taught me those things! I would have likely avoided a lot suffering and meandering down side roads with dead ends. But I can still be grateful for those experiences, because they, too, were my teachers.

My purpose as a teacher, then, is to not only develop skills, but to develop minds. And minds are developed by becoming aware of their own power. “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” I see myself as coach and mentor as much as a teacher. A teacher conveys information. A mentor is someone further down the road who helps you along. A coach pushes you to greater achievements.

In short, teaching for me is not merely a service rendered. It is a purpose-filled interaction that allows me to give back what God (or the Universe, or Infinite Intelligence, or whatever you want to call It) has given me. It is up to my students to do with it as they will.