Songs of Faith, Victory, & Abundance

Songs of Faith, Victory, & Abundance

A work in progress. See details below.

Song: "Rockstar Sales Superstar"

  • Based on the sales training of Eric Lofholm, using many of his most popular phrases, combined with a bit of creativity and fun!
  • Rockstar Sales Superstar

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Song: "Winds of Change" (coming soon)

  • A song of victory, perseverance, and hope. Production in progress.

Song: "Keep A-Goin'"

  • A song of perseverance based on the classic poem of the same name. Awaiting production.

Song: "Extraordinary Leader"

  • Inspired by a good friend of mine who served in the Army, runs his own construction business, and teaches others how to be a more effective leader. Awaiting production.

More songs in progress and coming soon!

Would you consider helping with production costs?

A message for anyone who appreciates the power of music and its ability to transform...

For years, I've had in mind a project to create an album of powerful, well-written and well-produced songs dealing with the themes of faith, victory, and abundance. Such themes are evergreen, but we can certainly use some encouragement like that in today's world, couldn't we?

I've written a number of songs on those themes, and more are on the way. So far, I've only fully produced one of them due to other projects and the high cost of production versus the low cost of sale. It's an unfortunate business equation that is difficult––but not impossible––to solve. (Seems I, too, could use some good songs of faith, victory, and abundance!) Therefore, I've decided to move forward with this project.

It is time.

I do have other projects and commissions I'm working on, but I will set aside time to keep moving this project forward, particularly as resources become available.

That's where you come in.

By purchasing a copy of "Rockstar Sales Superstar," you help to fund the production of other songs that also celebrate and encourage faith, victory, and abundance.

The plan is to produce enough songs to create an entire album, then take the best and most powerful of those songs, and work them into a single concert work with full orchestra, choir, rhythm section, and soloists called A Cantata of Faith, Victory, and Abundance. The cantata would include passages from scripture, quotes from famous authors, as well as original lyrics that all deal with those themes. It would stride the fence between various "popular" styles of music and classical concert music.

You can also leave a donation of any amount you feel led to give, which I accept with gratitude and blessings. 

-J. Aaron Stanley


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